From a need came an idea, from that idea came a powerful solution..!

Dust and mess from drilling sucks.
You know it, We know it.

Most people simply don’t know how to avoid it, so it becomes an afterthought, and up until April 2020, we were all complaining about this very problem.

When you’re drilling, It’s hard to keep dust at bay, and your only alternatives don’t really do the job well enough..!
It’s very frustrating, and it can put you in the Dog House with your clients or even worse, your other half.
No one hates a mess more than they do..!

Well, we’ve changed the game.

After consulting specialists in the 3D printing and injection moulding industry, we understood that there were many considerations from a technical standpoint to consider and having a close group of experts by our side to guide us, we knew we had the network to create a revolutionary new product.

So we made the decision to move forward with our modus operandi to make an extraction tool that has all of the awesome features that you need for hands free drilling on most surfaces with most drill bit types.

We want everyone to attach this to their vacuum, put it on a wall and think ‘this is f***ing awesome’. Pardon my French.

So here we introduce The XtraHand in conjunction with the Pro Hose Adapter.

By rights, this should be the first thing you reach for after you’ve picked up your drill with the knowledge it will be effective and efficient every time you use it.

The XtraHand is honestly the best extraction tool for your drill you’ll ever use.

Designed & built in the UK – Used by the World.

We are always happy to answer any questions, so please feel free to use the contact us page to get answers to any of the questions you might have.

The Ultimate Accessory for Your Drill

  • A hands free extraction solution for drilling
  • Fits almost any hose mounted vacuum or shop vac
  • Works with corded and cordless vacuums
  • Sticks to almost any wall surface
  • Works with all drill types
  • Sticks to ceilings
  • Minimises dangerous airborne particles
  • Maximises suction around the drill bit

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